International Adopted Child Reunion in Branson MO July 18th


The Incredible! Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus has been hosting an

Adopted Chinese Child Reunion for more than 10 years in both Branson, Missouri and Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee. This year, in recognition of the loving generosity of American families who have opened their home, arms and hearts to children from all over the world we have expanded our reunion to all families with internationally adopted children.

The International Adopted Child Reunion activities will be held at the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre

in Branson, Missouri on July 18, 2015, beginning with activities for the whole family including

international games, crafts and demonstrations. Lunch will be provided at the theatre and

there will be more activities after lunch, culminating with the Acrobats of China featuring the

New Shanghai Circus Show at 3:00. Call us for more information at 417-336-8888

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