November 4,5,6, 2015 Join us for this spectacular celebration of the music and art of Shanghai and then watch our Acrobats of China Show at the Yakov's Theatre in Branson MO.

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Li Zhong – Contemporary Artist

Celebrated Contemporary Artist, Mr. Li Zhong, was born in Shengzhou of the Zhejiang Province in 1973. He is currently the head of the Shanghai Art Research Center as well as serving as the President of the Fengxian Artist Association in Shanghai. Mr. Li Zhong is a member by adjudication and invitation only of the Shanghai Painting and Calligraphy, the Chinese Artists Association, the Shanghai Artists Association and the Shanghai Calligrapher Association. Mr. Li Zhong will have a showing of some of his work as well as present a demonstration of his style.

Zhang Lian- Pipa Artist

Zhang Lian, renowned Pipa Artist and professor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, first learned to play the Pipa ,a short-necked, pear-shaped East Asian lute, from his father Zhang Jichun, who is also an educator. Having earned his Master’s Degree in music from The Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Mr. Zhang Liang has performed in a number of solo concerts and has collaborated with one of China’s most famous contemporary composers, Tan Dun. Together they have giving concerts in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha and other places presenting their “Concerto”. Beside his academic thesis on Chinese Pipa fingering notation system research, he is known for his outstanding work in music theory. Mr. Zhang Lian will perform several of his best known works during the festival.

Liqing Yin – Photographer

Photographer, 33 year old Liqing Yin, is renowned for photography of his native Shanghai. Liqing Yin studied Arts and Technology in the School of Art Design at the Shanghai University of Engineering Science and photography and editor training which was taught by Reuters in the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University. He is a photo journalist for the Shanghai Morning Post and is an associate photographer for Reuters-China. Mr. Yin’s current assignments include working as an interviewer for Daily reports, and major event planning and political new for the Shanghai Morning Post. He is a member of the prestigious Shanghai Photographers Association. In 2011, Mr. Liqing Yin’s exhibition entitled “Sea Vitality” was awarded the Golden Prize in Daily life in the Second Shanghai Youth Photography Art Exhibition. In 2012 Mr. Yin placed first in the Top 10 National Professional Photography in 2102. In 2013 Mr. Yin was awarded the Bronze Medal for his photograph “The most beautiful water view in my heart. Mr. Liqing Yin will share and discuss some of his award winning work in the lobby prior to the show.

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