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Branson’s Best Acrobats  Show!  Featuring iCircus at Branson Star Theater

The Acrobats of China iCircus Show

Since 1998, Branson's Chinese Acrobats Show has been entertaining audiences and been proclaimed as one of "Branson's Best Shows!" For 2021, a new name branding the Acrobats of China as the “Acrobats of Branson” expands the presentations offered and allows for highly-skilled human performance artists from around the world to present their awesome skills to the Branson visitor


Acrobats of China bring an amazing show to the Branson Star Theater stage! Acrobats of China present iCircus, a new rift on circus fun!  iCircus is filled with fun for everyone, from an award-winning magician Juliana Chen to America’s Favorite Poodle Show to the skilled Cirque du Soleil performers and Chinese Acrobats. The fast-moving "iCircus" is distinctly different in presentation, costuming, and performance style from previous shows. “iCircus” features skilled human-performance and body entertainers with a variety of acts from ropes to barrel balancing. These acrobats have performed around the world and hail from a diverse cultural background – China, Japan, Mongolia, Mexico, the USofA, and more. Branson's Acrobats are Amazing Awesome Fun for Everyone!


Incredible! Acrobats of China present iCircus. For edge-of-your-seat entertainment that abounds with energy, excitement, and stunning beauty; come see the “Acrobats of China” in America’s home of quality live shows and family entertainment, Branson



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