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Diabolo yoyo
Human Top
Rolling Cups
Hoop Diving Acrobats of china
Silks goddess of luo River
Chair Stack
Hoop Divers
Slack Wire
  • Arial Silks

The Phoenix princess discovered the prince and,
attracted by his strength and bravery, she saved him and took him to
her home by the sea. They bathed in the warm sunshine, strolled in the
soft moonlight, danced, talked and happily learned from the
inhabitants of the beautiful land.

  • Trio Human Strength

They were often astounded by the strength
and beauty of the inhabitants of this enchanting land.

  • Ball Tricks

They laughed in delight at the moon fairies frolicking
with the stars.

  • Hunan Springboard

The Princess led the Prince through her
Kingdom of Joy learning valuable lessons such as how to work in
harmony with others.

  •  Hoop Diving

From her tiny flame the fires grew until they blazed
higher and higher and at last she was able her to use her powers as a
Phoenix to end this life and return again. The light from her flame ,
bathed the Dream Palace in its terrible glow.

  • Ballet on his Shoulder

The Princess struggled to escape from the
evil spirit but he held her firmly in his power.

  •  Chair Stack

As the clouds parted, he saw the God of the Shining
Sun climbing up to his throne, high in the night sky. The man took pity
on the prince and gave him a weapon to use to end the evil spirit’s

  • Trampoline/Pole Climbing

The sailors were amazed to see their
captain, the Prince, and they soon set sail with the magic lantern
lighting their way.


Here is a little teaser of a few of the acts you might see at the Acrobats of Branson