Incredible Acrobats of China

Hunan Troupe - “Dream Journey”


Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 3 PM


Klein Memorial Auditorium, Bridgeport, CT

The Incredible Acrobats from Hunan, China present their new show, “Dream Journey,” combining breath-taking acrobatics with drama and dance. Telling stories that will captivate your eye and your heart, they will lead you into a new and exciting world of physical artistry.


Through “Dream Journey,” you will experience traditional Chinese acrobatics unlike anything you have yet seen on a stage. The performers combine aesthetic and emotion, East and West, in one amazing performance that you will remember for a long time.


Don’t miss the opportunity to see “Dream Journey” for the first time in New York City, the one and only performance.


Prelude    Aerial Ballet      Ball Juggling Skill            Foot Juggling

Unicycle   Teeter Board     Human Strength Trio    Hat Juggling

Kung Fu    Spring Board    Trapeze/Ring Skills        Hoop Diving

Set Sail        Jar Juggling         Plate Spinning                Silk Ballet



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