About our Jinan Troupe Artistic Director 
Baojin Deng



Professional Awards:

  • Her acrobatic performances, such as Juggling Benched with the Feet, Handstand on Stacked Chairs, Contortionist with Glasses and so on, won many awards at several major events at home and abroad.

  • Juggling Benched with the Feet won gold medals at the 11th World Acrobatics Championships in England

  • Gold Medal at Korea’s Spring of April Art Festival.



Working Experience:

  • Director of Ji’nan Acrobatics Troupe, National class-A performer

  • Vice Chairwoman of China Acrobats Association

  • Vice President of both Shandong Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Ji’nan Federation of Literary and Art Circles

  • the Representative of the 9th, 10th, 11th National People’s Congress

  • Member of Presidium of the 7th China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Congress Jury Member of the First China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Award Program Awards Committee and Lifetime Achievement Award Committee




  • National Smashing Young Literary and Art Worker

  • National May Day Labor Medalist

  • National Outstanding Specialist

  • National Advanced Worker

  • National Model Worker

  • She was awarded ‘Baixi Award’ the highest prize in Chinese acrobatics by China Acrobats Association to recognize her significant contributions to Chinese Acrobatics.

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